A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Play a DRAGON in a third person action game and destroy the land in the most efficient way possible to gain more gold and rank as high as possible in the leaderboard.

The game is in development.

Feel free to comment, I'm releasing this demo to get as much input as possible to improve the game and correct issues.

Thank you !

Install instructions


To play, download the zip file and launch the file "drakonis.exe".

Don't forget to get a free key on drakonis.net to unlock the story and appear in the leaderboard!


For the best experience use an XBox One, XBox 360 or PS4 controller.

For keyboard and mouse, use keyboard arrows up/down for speed and mouse to look.

Command to throw fire, walk or fly are displayed on the game screen in the lower right corner.

How to get a key

To appear in the leaderboard and unlock codex entries, go to drakonis.net and register.

Your personnal key is available on your profile page.

In the game menu, click the button "Enter key drakonis.net". Just enter it, save it and you're ready!

Known issues

As far as I tested, PS4 controller did not need an outside software to work. Some software have been known to cause problems so far and I'm still looking into it.

Mouse and keyboard are compatible. However, certain keyboard keys are not interpreted correctly. You might have trouble using "dash" with the shift key specifically.


Drakonis demo PC 291 MB
Drakonis demo MAC (not tested, I don't have a Mac...) 294 MB


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I really like the art-style its like in my old villages in Ukrainian or some kinda Irish field just blowing up the whole place. Its a unique type of art-style and its easy on the eyes CHEERS!!

Thank you very much for your comment and your video Pebbles!